Foster Care Ministry

Foster and Adoptive- We at Oasis Church have a heart for families and feel especially called to support those from broken homes. Our ultimate goal is for no family to feel like they are carrying a burden alone. The need for foster homes in Manatee and Sarasota counties alone is staggering. Every single day there is a child in need of a safe home. Though fostering children can be a hard role, it comes with a great reward in knowing you are making a difference in the life of a child. Your actions matter and you can help make a difference as a prayer partner, a foster Champion, or even a prospective foster or adoptive parent. At Oasis, we provide support for foster families in our community. If you are a local foster or adoptive family looking for a safe and loving community, we would love to come along side and support you. Also, if you have a heart for these broken families and want more information about becoming a licensed foster family contact us for more information.

Foster Champions- One way Oasis Church is partnering with our foster families is by providing a foster champion to each of our foster families. These Champions offer practical and spiritual support to their family through all seasons of life. We want our foster families to always feel supported and loved as they pour into the lives of their foster children.

        For more info Contact
         Kyle Whiddon at [email protected]